Consulting services


Consulting Services

The longevity and ornamental value of each garden is directly dependant on its maintenance services level. It is absolutely imperative to prepare a maintenance plan with fertilization, plant protection and irrigation, as well as supervision for the diagnosis of diseases & malnutrition.

The aforementioned consulting services include: Space management and construction planning required for nurseries and garden centers Farmer bussiness plans and marketing plans Study of specific plants and their marketing Agronomist services and cultivation supervision Plant conservation and management studies Cultivation cost studies Representation of greek nursery abroad and foreign companies in Greece

Many studies need to be updated, checked for correctness and appropriateness, modified and adapted to the actual data both during planning and their construction. Furthermore, the implementation of a proper study requires strict control protocols, that will be constructed based on specifications. Collective experience as a designer and a manufacturer creates the combined knowledge necessary for the implementation of the proposed services.

Truffles are the fruits of underground fungi of the genus Tuber (Ascomycetes). It is a sought-after food that is found in specific areas in nature or grown in specific fields using plants inoculated with the fungus.

Horticultural therapy focuses on the following points: Mental development - Development of physical capabilities - Socialization - Behavior improvement - Self-esteem - Employment and Work rehabilitation. With the appropriate environment and activities program through gardening, physical health, social skills and self-confidence are enhanced and improved, as science has proven.

These studies include specialized services of an agronomist or landscape architect in relation to:
  • Landscaping and parking lots
  • Study and creation of roof gardens and vertical gardens
  • Environmental wastewater management
  • Project costing
  • Procedure supervision and measurement
  • Irrigation planning and costing
Theoretical, practical and experiential teaching in three areas:
  • Agriculture, plant cultivation, environmental education
  • Landscape architecture, design, gardening
  • Small business management, agricultural products promotion